What the F@$# is up with the Celts and Clips? A Textversation

Here at DRaT, we often have group text threads that Stavi doesn’t feel inclined to participate in. What follows is a (slightly edited) transcript of said textversation.

Geo: Rondo + Deandre = bad news. Free throw/shooting is just too poor.

Bicky: Deandre has a terrible contract

Weiner: This clearly benefits Boston. KG is expensive as fuck too and Rivers was leaving. Free picks and they’ll probably unload some bad contracts (terry/lee). If they snag Bledsoe it’s an obvious coup.

Bicky: Don’t think he’s on the table.

Geo: Bledsoe’s a freak but I wouldn’t want him running my squad.

Weiner: Rondo would be the PG. Celts could experiment with Bledsoe’s role or trade him immediately.

Bicky: Listened to a Simmons podcast. He said he thinks the Celts might make a run at JSMOOV


Bicky: ya kinda makes sense why doc wants to get the fuck out.

Geo: I’m gonna miss this Celtics squad. But the Clips will be interesting if the trade goes through.

Weiner: definitely contenders. They could get PP too.

Bicky: CP-(?)-pierce-Blake-KG with a coach who calls plays

Geo: And Crawford!

Weiner: sounds elite to me!

Geo: KG will teach Blake some shit too. That’s a scary team wow.

Bicky: Only thing stopping it is if Clips front office thinks they can get Dwight in a S/T for Blake and Butler or something.

Geo: You guys high on Blake?

Weiner: I think so Geo. Never had a real coach.

Bicky: Kinda weird him and CP don’t get along great though. I know a good coach fixes that, but gotta be a red flag.

Geo: VDN not a real coach? LOL. I like Blake too. Would like to see him work hard for a summer and become more polished. Easier said than done obviously. And I agree Bick. I wonder what the deal is with that. Blake needs to start playing more mad and fuck people up.

Weiner: It’s more of a red flag for CP3. He’s no more of a playoff winner than melo!!



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