The “All-Everything” Teams

You ever have those professors that don’t let you use laptops during class? Pretty ridiculous right? Like, how I am supposed to kill time if I can’t even surf the web? Those types of classes, folks, might be the worst ones you can take. Those hour and fifteen minute sessions somehow feel like three hours of torture. I mean, I can only play tic tac toe with my buddy sitting next to me for so long. In order to pass the time, I always end up creating a variety of what I call “All-Everything” teams. These can be anything from the “All White American” team to the “All Jacked” team. As weird as all this may sound, it definitely makes class time fly by. Give it a shot; trust me you’ll love it.
Below you will find some of my “All-Everything” teams that I have created over the past few semesters. Feel free to comment on the article with your thoughts on each team!
All “White American” Team-
Qualifications- Must be a caucasian and American-born.
Luke Ridnour PG (Milwaukee Bucks)
JJ Redick SG (Los Angeles Clippers)
Chandler Parsons SF (Houston Rockets)
David Lee PF (Golden State Warriors)
Kevin Love PF/C (Minnesota Timberwolves)
Kyle Korver F (Atlanta Hawks)
Kirk Hinrich PG (Chicago Bulls)

All “European” Team-
Qualifications: must be European-born.
Tony Parker PG (France/San Antonio Spurs)
Nicholas Batum SG (France/Portland Trail Blazers)
Luol Deng SF (Great Britain/Chicago Bulls)
Dirk Nowitzki PF (Germany/Dallas Mavericks)
Marc Gasol C (Spain/Memphis Grizzlies)
Pau Gasol PF/C (Spain/Los Angles Lakers)
Andrei Kirilinko SF (Russia/Brooklyn Nets)
Ricky Rubio (Spain/Minnesota Timberwolves)

All “Don’t Wanna Fuck With” Team-
Qualifications: don’t wanna fuck with them
Rajon Rondo PG (Boston Celtics)
Lance Stephenson SG (Indiana Pacers)
Metta World Peace SF (New York Knicks)
David West PF (Indiana Pacers)
Ivan Johnson C (Free Agent)
Charles Oakley (Lifetime Achievement Award)

All “Hood” Team-
Qualifications: the “hoodest” players in the league
Nate Robinson PG (Denver Nuggets)
JR Smith SG (New York Knicks)
Josh Smith SF (Detroit Pistons)
Zach Randolph PF (Memphis Grizzlies)
DeMarcus Cousins C (Sacramento Kings)

All “I can play every position” Team-
Qualifications: must be able to play at least four or five positions
Kevin Durant 1-5 (Oklahoma City Thunder)
Paul George 1-5 (Indiana Pacers)
Jeff Green 1-5 (Boston Celtics)
Andre Iguodala 1-5 (Golden State Warriors)
LeBron James 1-5 (Miami Heat)
Lamar Odom 1-5 (Free Agent)


2 thoughts on “The “All-Everything” Teams”

  1. gimme rasheed wallace on the “don’t wanna fuck with team” Maybe big ben too. Maybe anyone who played on the pacers or pistons during the brawl.


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