Buy em, Sell em, Hold em with the Stavster: Pacific Division

Clippers starters

Hey Guys,

Your favorite degenerate’s at it again. This time, let’s take a glance at our final division in the BSH series: the Pacific Division.

Over the years, the Pacific Division has seen quite its fair share of teams lead the way. It was not too long ago that the Clippers were the laughing stock of the league and the Kings were among the elite. Neither of these cases hold true today. Today, I’ll give you my two cents regarding the leaders of the division: the Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors

Los Angeles Clippers: Buy

Often time in Wall Street, companies face “make or break” news that will cause their respective stock to skyrocket or plummet. In the case of the Los Angeles Clippers, the Doc Rivers trade was this binary event. In other words, their prospective success was contingent on this one factor playing out.

1: Doc Rivers goes to Los Angeles, Chris Paul re-ups his deal, the Clips add championship pieces to their roster and everything is good in SoCal.

0: Doc Rivers stays in Boston, Chris Paul swings to H-Town with Dwight and Harden, and the Clips eventually head back to mediocrity.

Luckily for the Clips, the “1” event actually occurred. Vinny’s out and all can rest easy. From a basketball perspective, the Clippers had a very productive off-season. While they missed out on acquiring Kevin Garnett, they brought in J.J. Redick and Jared Dudley to shore up the perimeter shooting. For a team relying on CP3 to facilitate, the presence of accurate marksmen creates space for Paul to do his thing.  Although Eric Bledsoe will be missed, the Clips cashed in at the right time.

Quietly, Los Angeles also hired the services of ugly, yet effective, big man Byron Mullens. It is mind-boggling how all of us left him off our All-Ugly squads earlier this summer. Nonetheless, the big man is long, coordinated and can shoot the three. And because he’s playing for a winner, he won’t have the freedom to shoot 12 three’s a game.  That’s a relief for all.

I think Doc heading to Southern California will light the fire underneath Blake Griffin’s and Paul’s asses. It’s their time to shine. No more “Vinny Can’t Winny” excuses. Not to mention, the abundance of scoring power. Coupled with Rivers’ defensive mindset that he’ll surely instill in his new players, this one seems like a slam-dunk. They’ve got a legitimate shot to win it this year.  (P.S. You’ll see in a couple days why I’m rooting for them in my hedge.)

As Jim Cramer would say on Mad Money, Hit the register and Buy, Buy, Buy!! (Editor’s note: Bicky disagrees).

Golden State Warriors: Buy

I’ll preface this section by saying the Clippers are clearly the best team in the division. The strongest buy, however, is indeed the Golden State Warriors–I see the most upside. After watching their ascent this past season, it is easy to see why the crew from Oakland is on the up and up. Looking back on this investment opportunity, the Warriors’ reversal point was when they swapped Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut.  While Bogut has dealt with his fair share of injuries, getting Monta out of town was critical to the organization’s long-term success.  Also, remember that Monta Ellis has this on his chest. 

While David Lee might be a one-dimensional player, he’s still a strong asset on a very young team.  The guy’s tough and sets a good example for his teammates.  And oh yeah, he’s good for 20 and 10 on most nights. In addition to Stephen Curry rising to stardom, Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes have also taken critical steps in their development.  Both youngsters showed their prowess and potential in the exciting series vs. San Antonio.

While GS was on the cusp of doing even greater things, many basketball fans thought they were missing the final piece to the puzzle. Enter Andre Iguodala, stage left–literally the perfect fit for a team whose weaknesses did not include offense. Iggy will provide the lock-down perimeter defender and wily veteran the Warriors so desperately need.  Disney couldn’t have drawn it up better for the Golden State Warriors. With a new arena on the way, basketball is buzzing in Central Cali; they’re the talk of the town.  Assuming Curry stays healthy, we should see this squad make it deeper in the Western Conference playoffs.

Next time, we’ll talk about why I think the Suns are starting to get hot, trouble in Laker Land, and Boogie Cousins.  What could be better.

Enjoy the rest of your day,



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