Top 10 NBA Jerseys of the Past and Present

If money didn’t play a factor, I would 100% own every jersey out there. Whether it’s a throwback from the 90’s or one from today’s collection, I would buy them in a heartbeat.  Unfortunately, the budget is tight, and I can only surf the web wishing I could own some of them. Personally, there’s nothing better then throwing on a sick NBA jersey before heading to a party. You gotta love it when dudes across the street will yell “Yoooo sick jersey bro!” I myself am one of those dudes, letting people know if they’re rocking a nice throwback or some unique jersey. I just feel like its necessary to let someone know when their jersey is fresh. If it were socially acceptable, I’d be wearing one 24/7.

But enough about that. Below you will find 10 jerseys that I wish were hanging in my closet (in order). Obviously, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so please comment back with some of your favorites. It was VERY tough having to leave a few out, but this is what my list ended up being. Hope you agree with some.

First One Out: New York Knicks Christmas Jersey

Xmas Knicks

I really really really (really) dislike the Knicks, but these jerseys are fresh. I thought these were the coolest ones out of all the Christmas collection. If only my skin was darker… (it would look 20 times nicer LOL.) (Editor’s note: I also loved this one, but everyone else hated it! Let’s buy the lot of them and move to Estonia, Geo).

10) Chicago Bulls Black Pinstripe (Mid 90’s)

bulls pin stripes mid 1990's

It’s tough to compliment The Chode, but this is for sure one of his cooler jerseys. It’s disappointing that the Bulls don’t go back to this more often throughout the season. For sure a must have even–if you aren’t from Chicago.

9) Utah Jazz Purple (90’s)

jazz-jersey 90s

Purple has always been one of my favorite colors, and the mountains on this jersey just make it even cooler. Not a Jazz fan whatsoever, just a fan of the jersey itself. Is it time for a name change though?

8) Atlanta Hawks Red (80s)

1980's Hawks

One of the cooler jerseys of this 80’s era. Love the bright red and having it be a Spud Webb jersey is fresh!

7) Minnesota Timberwolves Black w/ Green Trim (00’s)

Timberwolves Black

My favorite part about this jersey was the green trim and how it made KG look like a maniac with his super dark skin.

6) Portland Trailblazers Rip City (Current)

Rip City 00's

Although I had no idea what “Rip City” meant, I still thought the jersey was cool as hell. Always rock this one when I’m Portland in 2K too.  In case you are wondering, the origin of this nickname came from their announcer in the early 70s. I have no idea how the nickname stuck but I want the jersey! (Editor’s note: Michael Beasley lives in “Rip City”).

5) Chicago Bulls Red Cursive (80’s)

Cursive Chicago Bulls 80s

This jersey right here is my favorite Bulls uni. Something about the cursive makes the jersey look so sick. Love that Bulls red.

4) All Star Jersey-The Pepper (1996)

96 All Star jersey

I don’t know why, but I just recently came across this All Star Jersey. Who wouldn’t want to rock a bright turquoise jersey with a pepper on the front kicking a basketball? Alright alright it may be a bit over the top, but its too unique not to have.

3) Miami Heat Back in Black (Current)

Heat All Black Current

Hate the Heat, love this jersey and always my go to when I’m them in 2K.

2 Denver Nuggets Blue w/ Rainbow Mountains (Early 90s)

nuggs 1980s-early 1990s

This specific jersey, I feel like, is tough to come by. If you see it, I suggest you scoop it up ASAP. Love the mountains the middle of the jersey, just don’t want an Alex English. Maybe customize a Kenneth Faried one? Would be sickkk.

1) Toronto Raptors Purple (Late 90s)

raptors 1990s

And here it is, my all time favorite jersey. Like I said before, purple is a great color and the red raptor on the front is so awesome. I would take this VC one or maybe even a T-Mac. NEED IT.

There you have it. My top ten jerseys that I want to have. Send us some of your favorites!



7 thoughts on “Top 10 NBA Jerseys of the Past and Present”

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