Mile High Expectations for Javale McGee


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Sorry, it’s been a while.  Apparently, I have to get a job after I graduate.  I’ve been scrambling to create my resume, learn computer programming and practice logical sequences.  News to me.

But, here’s some news for you.   The Denver Nuggets are counting on a big season from the biggest goon in the NBA, C Javale McGee.

Disclaimer: This is not an Onion article.

When it comes to McGee, the big fella draws both the highest and lowest of praises.  In many ways, Javale and I share some similarities.  At times, McGee has looked like the best player on the court.  At others, he can’t find his way around the court.

For a Nuggets franchise that has been depleted of its GM (Masai Ujiri), Head Coach (George Karl) and featured player (Andre Iguodala), there’s a lot of pressure on McGee to finally grow up and be the player that’s he capable of being.

From a statistical perspective, the Flint, Michigan native has made some significant strides since his arrival to Denver from D.C..

In just over 18 minutes per contest, McGee stuffed the stat sheet by averaging 9.1 PPG, 5 RPG and 2 BPG.

For a player who only graced the court with his presence for roughly a third of the game, these figures are a bit mind-boggling.

Figuring to be the starting center with Kosta Koufos finally out of town, double those figures to get his “per 36 minutes” numbers.

If a center can average 18 points and dominate the game with four blocks, your team is in good position to win night in and night out.

The trouble with McGee is that you never know what to expect.  One minute, he’ll swat a shot into the stand.  The next, he’ll run into the stands.

While the big man is only a tender 25 years of age, he’s been in the league since 2008.

Although McGee entered the league completely unseasoned, I’d blame the stall in his development mostly on his time with the Washington Wizards.


Year after year, the Wiz have one of the laughing stocks of the NBA.  Fittingly, Javale contributed his fair share of comedic acts.

Albeit McGee should be held accountable for his actions, he really had no one to show him the ropes of surviving in the NBA.  It’s not like he could call up Brendan Haywood or Andray Blatche for advice.

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t let my 20-year-old get life coaching from Andray Blatche.

You get the gist. At 18th overall in the 2008 NBA Draft, McGee wasn’t a great fit for a losing franchise.  He needed to learn how to handle himself from the get-go by sitting on the bench and watching professionals play for a while.  For some individuals, being throwing into the fire is detrimental to long-term success.

While it’s taken some time for McGee to progress, talents that come in his size don’t grow on trees.

I think Javale’s finally starting to understand that it’s time for him to prove his naysayers wrong.

In Denver, he’s being given his opportunity to shine.  Nuggets ownership had the choice between keeping Karl or McGee and they chose McGee.  For me, that’s the ultimate sign of confidence.

For a franchise in the midst of a transition, I’m betting on Javale to be up for the challenge. I can’t believe I just said that.

Breaking News: McGee encouraged to take mid-range jump shots. Gulp.

Time to rewrite this article…

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