NBA 2k14 Game Review


Hey Guys,

Not a lot of schoolwork got done this week for one main reason: THE NEW NBA 2K CAME OUT ON MONDAY. This date has been circled on my calendar for quite some time, and I’m too stoked that it’s finally out. Many stores were sold out, but I was fortunate enough to snag the last one at the Target in B-Town. Get this game ASAP if you can guys.

A few new additions to NBA 2k14:

Its incredibly Realistic

It’s actually pretty scary how much more this video game is turning into real life hoops. One thing for example is that you can’t just hold RT, put your head down, and expect to get to the basket. You will actually lose the ball, which obviously makes the game harder for the guys that don’t know how to score.

Another great new addition is the improved game play around the rim. The blocking is unreal, making it a lot harder for smaller guards to take it into the trees. This year’s game also lets you meet opposing dunkers at the rim, as well as chasing opponents down on fast breaks (So Bron Bron).

One part that I really like is how well some of the players absorb contact. And 1’s happen on a consistent basis, which allows the stars to take over a game. This years video game is way more realistic and the flow of the game has improved drastically. The guys at 2k did a great job.

Be Careful of LT

The first time I played the new 2k, I  blew a ton of layups and did a fancy pass instead. Although it looked really cool, it definitely made me lose about 10 points.  The left Trigger is no longer needed while you shoot, so make sure you are aware of this is you haven’t played yet. Personally, I feel like once you can stray away from pressing LT, it makes it easier to shoot the ball. It may take a few games and it may be frustrating, but you’ll get used to it don’t worry.

Your Teammates aren’t Idiots

In last year’s game, the other players on your team often wouldn’t make the right cuts or wouldn’t slide over to the right position on defense. These guys are NBA players; they should know where to be at all times! This was a key improvement to 2k14. You shouldn’t be frustrated with your other teammates for not being in the proper spots or helping you out off the ball on the offensive side. Good slight adjustment.

Teams I like to play with

The following teams are some of the squads I have enjoyed playing with thus far. These aren’t necessarily the powerhouses of the game (Clippers, Thunder, Heat, etc.), but you can definitely get a W against your boys with them. By the way, in my previous article I said the Pelicans would be a fun team to play with. I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG! NO ONE CAN SHOOT AND ERIC GORDONS SHOT IS NUTS!

Minnesota Timberwolves

Kevin Loves finally back, and with the addition of Kevin Martin this team is lights out. Rubio drops the sickest dimes, getting you to actually jump out of your seat mid game. (Cool Passes=LT+Right Stick) Pek holds it down in the paint and K-Loves stroke is so easy anyone can do it. Try them out.

Sacramento Kings

I know this might sound crazy, but they actually aren’t a bad team to run with. Marcus Thornton is an offensive stud(JR Smith Type, bangs treys and takes it hard to the rack) and obviously Stav’s boy the Boogie man is very good. Ben Mclemore is great for a rookie, and make sure you put Isiah Thomas in for Greivis for some extra three point shooting.

Washington Wizards

This team obviously goes as John Wall goes, but with this size and strength along with the shooters around him (Porter and Beal), this team is actually pretty solid. Pair all of that with the superb rebounding of Okafor and Nene, and you have yourself a very well rounded team. Wall is incredibly fast  with the ball and finishes nearly everything at the rim.

So go out there and buy the game. Trust me, it’s worth the money.



One thought on “NBA 2k14 Game Review”

  1. You’re insulting Thornton by comparing him to JR. MT’s stroke is wet and JR’s looking like a line drive off a bat.

    Thank god teammates aren’t idiots anymore. Major ups to that.

    The twelves were a sneaky good team last year but I like kirelinko more than Martin in 2k. Maybe you lose some stroke (not much) but size plays well to your benefit


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