Quick Bulls Thought: Teague to D-League

teague and thibs

After being demoted in favor of the ageless (38) Mike James, Marquis Teague will be playing for the Iowa Energy of the NBA’s Developmental League. Teague was the Bulls’ first round draft pick last season and averaged a little over eight minutes per game in his rookie year. Yesterday, Bicky pointed out that Teague was better suited for a D-League team than the Bulls; the Bulls clearly agree.

After a few strong summer league games, Teague has struggled to get anything going on the court for the Bulls. Teague’s appeared in nine games for Chicago this season, only playing 8.9 minutes per game. While that’s an incredibly small sample size, it’s pretty shocking how ineffective he’s been. Teague’s shooting 16.7% and hasn’t made a three pointer yet. Here’s where it gets even worse: when his numbers are adjusted per 36 minutes, Teague is still only averaging 5.0 PPG, 3.2 APG and 2.3 RPG. That’s fucking useless. I am confident that @OldManBikshorn could log those numbers in 36 minutes of NBA play.

Clearly, Teague needs to develop a lot more. Given the Bulls’ current situation (hell), there was no place for Marquis Teague to get minutes on this team. Mike James is clearly, laughably, not a long-term solution–especially considering the brittleness of Grandma Bikshorn’s bridge partner, Kirk Hinrich. For now, the Bulls will stick with James as they undoubtedly pursue other backcourt options. Moving Teague to the D-League gives the team two open roster spots. However, signing more players would be pricey for Jerry Reinsdorf as the Bulls are already well into the punitive luxury tax. If anything, this news makes it more likely that the Bulls swing a trade for a guard soon, if not something bigger.


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