Quick Bulls Thought: Bulls Need to Run the Table


Hey guys, nothing big today, just checking in on the Bulls as they hurtle toward the start of the long playoffs. Chicago’s finest have won five straight games to climb to 45-32 on the year. That’s somewhat remarkable, considering that they went 45-37 last year with Nate Robinson, Marco Belinelli, Luol Deng, and the knowledge that Derrick Rose likely wouldn’t be joining them on the court all season. Even more remarkable is that this is the same team that went 12-18 in 2013. A few days into 2014, Luol Deng was moved to Cleveland while the Bulls have compiled a stunning 33-14 record on the year. Just think about those numbers for a second. I won’t push it too hard, but Tom Thibodeau undoubtedly deserves a great deal of consideration for Coach of the Year.

Anyway, as nice as the Bulls have been, they still need to win out very badly. The Bulls are currently deadlocked with the surprisingly good Toronto Raptors (also 45-32). Even though they split the season series, Toronto holds the tiebreaker because they are winners of their (putrid) division. Thus, if Toronto doesn’t lose again, the Bulls have no chance of getting the third seed in the conference. The Bulls need to win every remaining game and hope that Toronto drops just one at the least. If they can’t move up to third, the Bulls will have to battle it out with Brooklyn in round one (winners of 15 straight home games) and Miami in round two.

Indiana got blown out again last night by Atlanta and the entire starting unit was relegated to bench duty after halftime, making it even more clear that Miami will most likely get the top overall seed. So, to recap: root for the Bulls to win out, root for the Raptors to lose at least once or twice, and root for Miami to keep winning so the Bulls get a crack at Indiana in the playoffs.


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