Steve’s FanDuel Winner 12/4/14



A few notes about tonight’s lineup:

1) The short slate of games on the NBA schedule this evening makes playing H2H and 50/50 contests extremely difficult.

2) The spreads on all three games are in the 8/8.5 point range, meaning Vegas isn’t even sure which of the matchups will be blowouts and which will be close.  This notion makes it nearly impossible to predict which of the stars will get full minutes this evening.

3) I faded the mass media coverage aspects of tonight’s NBA schedule.  Notice no LeBron, Kevin Love, Kyrie, Carmelo, AD or Steph Curry.   The most probable scenario from this group of 6 stars listed above is that 3 exceed expectations and 3 miss. That Portland-Indiana game won’t be sexy, but making money doesn’t have to be sexy.

4) This lineup is designed for swats, layups and slams  (huge GPP tourneys).  My idea was to have a different lineup than everyone else.  Over time, especially on short slates, I find this strategy effective.  If my omissions all go off for big games, I lose.  It’s as simple as that.

5) Don’t break the bank on this lineup.  Put a couple bucks on it if you desire and marvel in the fact that you need less things to go right than the rest of the market for you to cash.

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