Steve’s FanDuel Winner 12/18/14 is more or less the exclusive home of NBA FanDuel Video Content because of YOU GUYS! Let’s continue to improve and make some $$ in the process!!

Remember, these lineups were constructed this morning..use my video as IDEA GENERATION first and foremost!!

GPPS (as of 1:00 CST):


“Tyreke”less Lineup featuring STAT (as of 6:20 CST):


There is almost 100% certainty that these lineups will change.  I will do my best to update them as frequently as possible.  But, there are no guarantees!!  Remember, YOU are responsible for your money.

We are only asking for one thing in return for our analysis and hard work..YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT TO THE COMMUNITY!!


Love it or hate it, we want to hear from you! Weigh in.

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